About Dave and Laura

We are David and Laura Speer – second marriages for both of us. We love travel and David retired this Feb 2021, I am partially retired.  We met on an online dating site and after 2 years of dating we started our own story together as a married couple with five teenagers.


This website is both a travel blog (not much travel during Covid, so blogging what we can right now) and a Love letter to my husband on how happy I am in my marriage. David was a Robot Programmer but also does beekeeping with four hives in our backyard right now.  He is keeping busy with selling off our stuff we no longer need so we can downsize to a smaller home in about 5 years after we have all the kids out and on their own. He is planting everything, we have a mini garden indoors, doing house hold repairs, working out for 2 hours everyday and sleeping in.

I am a Nuclear Physicist (a physics geek – perfect match for a robot programmer) working for 31 years now, but have slowed it down

This website is a joint project between us, I am the writing and uploading and David does a lot of the photography.

So while we get ready for our next chapter of our lives… Join us, we will post as many of our mistakes I can learn from, ask us advise, travel along and plan your own adventures.


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