Getting COVID-19 vaccine now!

in line now for vaccine

10 responses to “Getting COVID-19 vaccine now!”

  1. An app said there are approx 23M people with priority before me. My friend in PA, with no health issues, has around 230M before her!


    1. I was 3rd tier at the hospital, but was pushed up because so many are scared to go first. Not me I’m tired if watching people die, or worse suffer on such a large scale. As soon as my name came up I was there…I almost ran over

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      1. LOL.
        Having worked in pharma development, I wanted to hold off. After having a covid scare, I’ll go as soon as I’m eligible!

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      2. I understand everyone has to choose there own comfort level. But I feel great as usual

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  2. Can you confirm that you’re supposed to isolate for at least 14 days, get a 2nd shot in a month, then isolate again before being considered immune and not spreading??

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    1. Nope, no isolation, just doing what I have always done. I get the second shot in 3weeks. I should be immune at that point, but it’s about 90%, meaning there a 10% chance I will not be immune. The only side effect after 2days is my injection site hurts…quite a bit. But nothing intolerable. And I’m super happy to do it


  3. Let me know how that goes, please.

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