Partially Retired

Partially Retired

We are both excited and terrified at the same time, its retirement time! 6 years of planning, multiple planning meetings, eating at home, packing lunches, working overtime for years, driving used cars, we have no cottage, no RVs, no 4 wheelers, using coupons, garage sale shopping, reviews of income, savings, planning.. plan some more and January 1, 2021 or original plan is almost here. David will delay ~35days after January 1st and retire the first week of February. I have already stopped working at so many clients, and should be down 30% on work January 1, 2021, then moving on and less work with the end of a contract March 30, 2021. Our only income will be my part time job at Ascension hospitals, a few Nuclear medicine facilities and our Physics education website. Almost time to celebrate. Next post will be all the people/nay sayers that have told us how wrong we are to retire at 52years old and how we responded.

29 responses to “Partially Retired”

  1. Hey. Congrats 🎉 on the early retirement. I am preparing. I am healthy and active 56. Next year changing careers for more money. I am researching states to build my 225 feet tiny house this is my gift to myself. For now I am down sizing and doing less spend.

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  2. Wonderful news!!
    It seems as though you will remain quite busy, Laura. Careful, with many people not able or wanting to work for a living, others may try to squeeze you for as much time as they can get from you. Wishing you two all the best


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