Panaderia Espana Bakery

We always ask our Uber drivers the best places to eat, this guy was right a best bakery for sure. Panaderia Espana Bakery:

Octopus 🐙 in a lite vinegar marinade

We ate pastry so lite, they were air, and octopus marinade in a vinaigrette. A local coconut pudding, and beef empanada, ham croquettes, whew I’m full. Think we will sit for awhile. But that paella looks so good…


12 responses to “Panaderia Espana Bakery”

  1. Looks seriously good

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    1. So much to choose from, but now we’re sooooo full

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    1. Delicious should be the name!


  2. [ ]

    Panaderia #Espana #Bakery

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  3. Pastry. Yum. Octopus … no. Don’t let him do it, Laura. Octopuses are more intelligent than some people I know, and prettier : )

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    1. I agree I would love to rescue some octopus 🐙 one day, these guys were long gone.


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