BioLuminance Bay, Puerto Rico

Well as soon as I heard about a Bioluminance bay and that Puerto Rico has three of the five, David and I made plans to come during the New Moon. Since you are in the Bay in the pitch dark, the darker the better to see it, and a New Moon is perfect for seeing bioluminance! Of all the TripAdvisor bioluminous bay choices, the swimming experience sounded better than the kayak trip. Who wants to kayak thru the glow when you can straight up swim in it! I was honestly not expecting much based upon the stories I heard from others who went to a bioluminous bay, they said they were in Kayaks, and had to hold tarps of their heads to see even the mildest glow.

We will have to add pictures later, because David has a few, but honestly he is going to have to tweak them, even the couple we were on the boat with took pictures, and theirs were better, but they just do not show up on the blog (yet!) they are coming, but I have this one picture of the boat and the glow trail. The captain said even National Geographic had a hard time photographing this experience, so I guess you just have to see it with your own eyes.

An evening swiming in the bioluminouse bay in Puerto Rico.  One of my favorite experiences of all times.
mild blue glow around the boat engines. .more pictures to come later.

The tour picks you up at the hotel in a van, our driver was Hector. It was a 2.5hr drive from San Juan to the sleepy and mostly boarded up town of la Parguera, PR. You could tell this town was an incredibly fun multi colored and muraled vibrant hot spot, with now most bars, restaurants and shopping Covid closed. I would say, four locations were open on the entire boardwalk. We had a quick stop for a drink, and bathroom break, then jumped on a fishing boat similar to a Boston Whaler owned by Captain Jose.

He took us out to a quick stop at a dock to walk around for pictures, then at dark we hoped back in to drive to the bay.

So to visually explain what we saw, when we pulled up into the bay, it was a mild glow on the side, when looking into the water. We stopped mid bay and I jumped in first, because I could not wait, Captain Jose screams with delite because he can see the glow from the splash, and he says I do that everytime because I still am like a kid everytime I see it. The water was warm and we could not touch the bottom, I swim fine, but asked for a foam noodle so I could focus on the glow. I anxiously looked around for the glow, and there it is all around you….it is like swimming in tiny pin like stars, or baby blue laser points, randomly everywhere. You move around and see the pin lights just for a few seconds and then they fade. I honestly laughed or smiled with complete glee the entire time I was in the water, I could see the tiny blue glows clear like a thousand flashlights in the dark. I looked around to see if the captain tricked us and there was a laser on board, but there wasn’t. It only happened when you swished the water, or moved around. My favorite part was holding your arm up from the water and watching the blue specks flow down your arm like diamonds draping and falling away into the water, dozens each time. We did not bring face masks but the couple we were with did and they borrowed one to use momentarily and it was like being in space, with stars rocketing past us as we swam. I could have spent all night there. David said it was like little fireflies swimming in the water or running down your arms.

We had about 40mins to swim, it felt like 15, I loved it. I must admit I did briefly think about sharks, but they did not bother us and when back on the boat, Captain Jose said they do not like the warmth of the bay.

Why it glows… another post future, but hint…. its not radiation.


15 responses to “BioLuminance Bay, Puerto Rico”

  1. I use to live in Ponce, PR and would go to Parguera to dive. We did the bioluminescence trip a couple of times with Capt. Jose and they loved it.

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    1. Oh how cool, he was so friendly and I could do that every day. The town is mostly shut down because of covid. Hector told us, this was the first tour they have done in months, but capt Jose for sure has been out, if you drove yourself there

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      1. This was several years ago. It was a vibrant, friendly town when I was there.

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      2. It was 25 people, and we were 5 of them. Covid sucks

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    2. Did you ever get a picture?

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      1. I don’t think so. The bioluminescence is everywhere in the Caribbean. It is kind of a fallacy that it only exists in a couple of bays.
        I use to go out on patrol with Homeland Security on their go-fast boat and it was everywhere. One time we were just drifting and the whole ocean on the starboard side became illuminated. A whale πŸ‹ floated up next to the boat and went back down. It was pretty cool.


      2. Huh, very cool. David and I are learning more

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      3. And that is a super cool story

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  2. Oh, the arm stars sound wonderful! And masks… gotta remember that if I ever visit!

    A couple months ago I saw that a nearby beach was having a bioluminescent night but it was too far to go and too rough to go in the water at night (and illegal). I’ve heard it’s common down in San Diego but, again, only got that knowledge recently.

    I’m soooooo envious!!

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    1. It was so fun, honestly. I could go 100 times. I wish I had a good picture. David said he would take what we have and mess with the photo at home, and maybe we will have something.


      1. Sometimes it’s fun to only have the memory!

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  3. What an amazing experience! It’s one of our planets wonders and I’m glad to hear you had a chance to see it. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva

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    1. Thanks Aiva, it was amazing! Wish I could do it again, actually a lot!

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  4. That second picture is really awesome!

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