Happy Labor Day

We had two parties this weekend, first a dinner for my moms birthday 85years old, and then an ice cream party yesterday for their 64th Wedding anniversary. Both celebrations were September 3rd, but thought why not celebrate twice on two days, twice the fun! So we did, both September 3rd, and September 6th. More to enjoy. Love my family!!!

My parents getting ready to enjoy a steak dinner for the first party, we also had lemon shrimp pasta with capers, and vanilla cupcakes with a light fluffy cream frosting for dessert.

Garion was enjoying 2nd part with the dessert and ice cream bar (6 types of ice cream), with some small appetizers of butter and radishes, spaghetti, a cheese platter, chips and dips, and salami with cheese and pickles.


7 responses to “Happy Labor Day”

  1. Those steaks look good. It looks like everyone had a great time. I would like to send my birthday wishes and happy anniversary. 64 years wow. Thank you for sharing and following my blog.

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  2. Congratulations to your parents, that’s such a beautiful milestone – 64th wedding anniversary. I’m glad to hear you guys are still having a great time 😀

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    1. We are, they are coming over for dinner tonight, I made pot roast and mashed potatoes, so they can take some home this week.

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  3. Looks like a wonderful celebration. Happy labor day 🌺

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    1. Thanks, what have you been up to?


      1. hi, took advantage of the summer going out but staying safe, and working on my third book, and preparing to transition into a new career, i the meantime, I am enjoying working from home and the down time.

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      2. Awesome! Third Book, your really on it!


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