Fourth of July visit with our son

We will try and visit him again one more time before the end if the year, but, glad to have the short time.

Our son is in the airforce in Dover, Delaware. He has 2 years in his 4 year contract and settled nicely and is thriving. He asked us to bring him his things, because he is finally in an apartment and wanted it to feel like home, not and empty space with a bed, couch and coffee maker. So we packed it up and drove on over. Michigan to Delaware is about 12hours of driving with a trailer, but seeing him was incredible. He has really grown as a person, he seems- happier, stronger mentally, calmer, smarter, more respectful and overall I would say the grown into a fine young man. I was beaming the entire weekend.

I honestly have a greater inner peace after this visit with him, moms worry, its our job. But after this visit, I feel calmer about him and his chosen path.

So overall one if the best July 4th weekend ever!

Out to dinner with my children

13 responses to “Fourth of July visit with our son”

  1. That’s wonderful! 🙂

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  2. You can relax! The military is a good mother 😀 They clothe, house and feed you well enough. On a more serious not, one really learns a lot about management skills and all manner of life skills in the military. I was a cereer soldier myself and learned about financial planning what a decade in the private sector couldn’t ever. I am proud on your behalf.

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    1. You are 100% right, they do a wonderful job, although as a mother, it is hard to let go. But, he is doing wonderful, and what else could you want – just a happy, healthy child. So, we are happy. Pete, thank you for your career service!!!!

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      1. I am genetically immune to being a mother, so I’m safe. Thanks for the words about my service, as a discarded vet in another country, I feel the pain of the scores of American vets living on the dump of society. I don’t understand why civilized nations reject their heroes

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      2. It is weird and it has been that way Pete since as long as I can remember, but maybe it is changing, I see a lot of praise for the military lately!

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      3. Let’s hope sanity prevails

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  3. Thank him for his service, from us.

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    1. We did, he is super happy in the service, we were super scared, but it turned out fine. All anyone could want is a happy child, and he is. Serving America is his Happy!


  4. Happy 4th July guys, I hope you had a great time celebrating Independance Day😀

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    1. Thanks, finally posted that picture of my son.
      Hope you had a great July 4th

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  5. You’ve raised them right. One of my smart decisions in life was joining the military. Thank him for his service and you for being a military mom. It can’t be easy. Take care.

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    1. Thanks, I tried to raise them right. Glad you enjoyed the military! Going to read up more on you.

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