Grocery Shopping has become really hard

Grocery Shopping has become really hard

Wish I was posting on our travels, but Covid-19 locked down still. So this is what I do, work all day often at home, but still a lot in the hospital or doctors offices working until dinner time, then clean, cook, watch TV at night with my husband David. Not much to talk about, but did want to say, here in the Detroit Michigan area, we have Covid-19, fairly severe and I am grocery shopping every week for my family and my parents and starting this week with my mother in law. So it is hard, we get our list, get their lists and then put on our masks and we shop with separate baskets (because I mix things up and that causes issues). About 1.5hours to shop, then we wait in really long lines for 30mins – 6 feet apart, then load it into the car and go home and wipe it all down with bleach water then put away our groceries and then drive the rest to our families. It takes pretty much all day, which is fine.

I have noticed EVERY time I have shopped for the last 5 weeks, I have been accosted, or yelled at or was standing right in front of some one who was yelling at someone else. I have never yelled back or raised my voice. Some examples: Was told:

1-“wearing a mask just holds in the germs – it is wrong”

2- “your walking the wrong way down the isle – this is a one way isle, why don’t you know that – look at the floor” He really smugly walked away with his nose in the air – and Nope I did not know.

3- Saw a shopper try and pick up some coffee creamer from the milk shelf, and the store worker who was loading it told her – to “get off my ass” then the shopper said “sorry I was ON your ass” then the shopper said – let me speak with your manager and the store worker said ” get her yourself I am busy working” then the shopper cried and looked at me, I had my mouth open and looked at the store worker and then she made a head butt move toward me. BTW, told the manager about that whole thing.

There were other rude shoppers as well, many more stories. So I came up with a response so my mouth can do more than hang open. Tell me what you think.… “I know things are hard for all of us right now- but speaking like that is not respectful to me and while things are still happy in my life right now, I will not accept it” If I get trouble, my husband is shopping around the corner, and I am going to tell them then – “I will call my husband and the two of you can talk about this further if you like”

I will honestly listen to whatever you have to offer in suggestions, I am empathetic and willing to listen.

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  1. Wow, how said that’s happening in general and how horrible it’s happening to you specifically. I haven’t had anything like that when I’ve gone out (knock on wood). My husband had a scary experience when the lockdown first started. Because of it, he didn’t want me going shopping alone the first few weeks. Now, it’s not so bad and I can venture out on my own again. Hopefully things will get better and you’ll be able to travel again.

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  2. Everyone is frustrated and done with staying at home. Some are even having mental health issues. But being rude, unapologetic and yelling is not done. We all are in different mind state and need to cooperate each other.

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  3. OMG!!!@ I, fortunately, haven’t seen, heard, nor been victim to ant such things. I know I’d respond with a LOUD stream of profanities! I admire you for seeking a healthier solution. I have none to offer.

    And to the first one… yeah, masks keep the virus IN, and not spreading. That’s the point!

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  4. So awful!! I have witnessed some rudeness as well, although not to this extent. Hope life gets better in Your area soon. I am
    In Iowa and we have opened up most things, but 3 restaurants in my city are shutting down again as employees have became sick with Covid. I think everyone is so ready to be out and are becoming rude from there own discontent. Take care!!

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  5. I like your response.

    I used to tell my daughters, “You have a right to your feelings be they anger, sadness, whatever they are. What you don’t have is the right to share them in ways that hurt, cause harm or cause another to feel less than. So, is there a way you can express yourself without hurting your sister?”

    LOL – they thought I was a bit weird but it worked.

    When I was doing community engagement in the homeless serving sector and working with communities on housing for formerly homeless individuals, I often got yelled out. My response became, “I really want to listen to what you have to say but I can’t hear you when you yell at me.”

    Sending you peace and comfort — and yes, your world does sound crazy busy! Hugs

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  6. We are ever so happy here that we can either have the groceries delivered to our lace or do curbside pick-up. I wish people were more considerate, especially when it concerns our health.

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    • Pit, Yeah I read everyones comments, and decided to try delivery, but honestly they got about 70% of it correct, and just substitute whenever they cannot find what we ordered, which is weird to order paper plates and get napkins, or a large detergent that is on sale, and get a small one not on sale, so going to venture out again and try it this weekend! They did just lift yesterday our stay at home order, so I will be hopefull that helps.


      • So far, we haven’t had many reasons to complain. Of course, we sometimes got subsitues, but they were mainly ok. For some stuff we choose “no subs”, and that works well.

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  7. I’m so sorry to hear about all the rudeness you’re experiencing. I think your response is good. Acknowledge that everyone is stressed. Therefore, this is a time to pull together & help others not treat others unkindly. Treating others unkindly is not acceptable behavior. 😞
    Sending prayers for easier more pleasant grocery shopping next time you go!

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  8. People are scary. Many people are very anxious for everything to open up again and people to be back out in the world… But if I’m honest, I’m not sure I really want to go out there and be among all the people again…

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    • It is scary Nicole, but the idea of being stuck in a box for the rest of my life is worse for me and David, we HATE this being stuck at home. We want to travel and go places and learn things and see things and meet new people, but were stuck (just like everyone). But I 100% get what you are saying!


    • I am working on new ways to do this, we did delivery this past time, but that is not for me, a lot of the items were completely different than what I ordered. But I will approach this with love, strength and protection. Thanks for the prayers, hoping all is great with you as well!


  9. Oh goodness, those are such tough things to deal with. So many people’s stress level has been so high! I am so sorry you’ve run into so many ugly situations. This proverb has always helped me: “A gentle answer turns away wrath.” May God’s peace protect your soul during this season!

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