Happy Mothers Day

This Mothers Day we are spending at home, having ham and potato dinner. We visited my Mother and Father Yesterday when we grocery shopped, and my brother is stopping over today. We picked up Mom a hanging basket, a Polish Bird but from metal on a stick which we proudly placed in her front yard, and a whole lot of yummy snacks from the Polish Hamtramck store (the only open one) and our local grocery store. Wish we could hang out at home in the backyard together, but it is cold and overcast and rainy. Missing my son as well, who is in the Air Force, but he already texted and said he would call later today.

These are the kitty and puppy cupcakes we made for dinner and to give out to my parents and my girlfriend.

This is our real puppy giving herself a back rub, we call it her happy Dance!

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful and hardworking mothers.
She is making me laugh in this photo!

33 responses to “Happy Mothers Day”

  1. Here in Romania today was Father’s Day :), but it’s a kind of new holiday and we don’t care much for it.
    The 10th of May was King’s Day in Romania, but -for better or for worse- we no longer have a king.

    So, happy Mother’s Day !

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  2. Happy Motherโ€™s Day! The cupcakes are adorable! So glad you got to see your mom. Missing my kids, too. Hope Daveโ€™s arm is healing well.

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    • Thanks Susie, yes I bet you are missing your kids. We did have fun making those cupcakes and eating dinner together and just hanging out. Brett is well, and going to see him next month, best mothers day gift I could ask for. The girls are good and strong and happy. Dave had his stiches out today, and is healing up as best you can with a giant surgery and scar. Hope all is wonderful with you as well.


  3. My husband made me fried chicken and I had an artichoke on the side. But we started the day out golfing with friends which was a super treat. Where we live the golf courses have opened, albeit with restrictions. Our two friends came over to our place for a post round drink on our patio, because of course restaurants are closed. I put home made guacamole and Trader Joe’s organic tortilla chips out for them, and I actually had my first cocktail of this whole quarantine business!! My friend was shocked, but I’m not a big drinker and I have not had any craving or desire to have a mixed cocktail. I made my friend and myself a weak Mexican Mule with fresh lime juice, ginger beer, and Patron. I added a dash of agave syrup. Our county has loosened restrictions, and we’ve all done our part here in lockdown for weeks on end; so If we had a little fun and friendship out in the fresh air on Mother’s Day who could blame us? It was simply wonderful and just what the doctor ordered. The weather was fantastic, too… in the 90s ha ha.

    I loved your cupcakes, your dog, and I hope you got to talk to your son who is in the Air Force. God Bless him!

    All best wishes,
    Susan Grace

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    • Susan, this sounds wonderful! I would have loved this day you just described. I did get to speak with my son, he is busy saving the world in his own way, and happy doing it. I am hoping to have a girlfriend party next week in the back yard, with a fire and all of us sitting far apart, but still together I will for sure post on that.

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      • I will love to hear about your friendship gathering. As I said in my March blog, isolation and depression are killers too. Thank you to your son for his service! My two sons are keeping water safe for millions of residents in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank God they have a paycheck coming in. My heart goes out to small business owners who are suffering acutely.

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      • Your sons are doing a VERY important job! I am still working, but I have so many friends who do not. Had a girlfriend party last week in the backyard, we sat and drank around a fire but were 6 feet away from each other the whole time. Nice times! SG – if you lived over by us you could join us!!!!

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