David needs arm Surgery tomorrow

Well, I have not written in over a week, because between all the work we have been doing around the house on Quarantine and me working at the hospital and at home. David has been working around the house – ALOT, and well he was putting in the dock he built and the ramp was stuck underneath – so he lifted it up and … POP! He has a partial distal bicep tear, so steroids and no improvement. We could do physical therapy, but was told 20-40% less strength would be the probable result, we asked about surgery, but in our area, non emergency surgeries are not being performed because our hospitals are FILLED with Covid patients. So at best it is a two week hold on surgeries and then his is in line behind over 100 patients who have more severe injuries. This is Dave with his dock. Proud even injured.

I have a cousin who is an orthopedic surgeon, he lives about 2.5hours away from us, but we got a second opinion, and he said he needs surgery sooner than later, they have openings for surgery tomorrow. So we are headed out early tomorrow to an outpatient surgery. We are accepting prayers for an easy surgery with no nerve damage and a speedy recovery. Should know more tomorrow.

We also cut down three trees, then chipped them up. Fixed a park bench I garbage picked from way back, it looks really good.

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  1. Good luck! I’m so happy D was able to get a faster appt! I messed up my shoulder in yoga about 4yrs ago. I couldn’t do therapy because of my work+commute. I have major probs with it now, and probably for life.

    I hope the surgery goes well and provides a cure!

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  2. Hello,

    I am so sorry to hear this but also relieved surgery can be done soon and you are taking advantage of it. Of course all my best wishes, thoughts and prayers are sent your way.

    My son-in-law heard a pop the other day in his already compromised shoulder while doing work around his property, so reading your story makes me want to call him as soon as possible and urge him to have it looked at.

    Speaking of surgeries etc., my mom was able to have a cardioversion (heart shock) procedure in San Francisco a week or two ago. Thank goodness! She’s 89 and I don’t think she would have survived without it. Unfortunately I couldn’t be up in the bay area because the procedure was scheduled really quickly and my sister handled it. The good news is our Mom was taken care of because I too was afraid she would be shoved aside.

    Good luck, God bless,

    Susan Grace


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