What we are up to now… April 6, 2020

What we are up to now… April 6, 2020

Well not up to much, but up to so much. So David was laid off about 2 weeks ago until April 13, 2020, but we think that will go much longer. So he is doing a bunch of projects he always wanted to do. First he made some shelves for our sons room, then power washed the deck, then prepped the ground and put down pea gravel and pavers under the deck, then built a dock to put in the river behind our home, it is a floatable dock, which means no builders permit. All of our neighbors in the area have docks, we could put a canoe or small fishing boat on it one day. We figure this will improve the value of our home, if we sell it one day. Today he is staining the dock. Then will put in the post holes and drop the dock in the water later this week. He has projects on the back burner of taking down the sides of the deck, and putting up new ones, we will painting those together, and making a D&D table cover with a grid for his D&D nites.

David relaxing on the couch after a hard days work with our Cat Henry.

I am still working, but mostly from home, going into work about 1/week at the hospital, the rest of the work week I spend most of my time answer emails, writing reports, submitting lead shielding reports, writing policies and writing ALOT of lectures. I am updating my website with a new lecture group. Been cleaning the house, working on taxes, planning on painting a hallway this week, and dusting all of the blinds. Cooking dinner every nite, tonight it is Ham.

So holding up fine, what are you up to? Let us know.

45 responses to “What we are up to now… April 6, 2020”

  1. Well have not done a knife review in a while. Busy studying and also doing projects around the house and property. Our big plant here closed for at least two weeks possibly more so many people out of work. Groceries are few and seem to be priced much higher.

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  2. We’ve worked from home for years, so lockdown (week 4 for us) has required only a few adjustments. We’re riding our bikes on home trainers on the terrace, cooking a bunch of new recipes, hubby has invented a new cocktail, we’re walking each day in the private grounds where our apartment is situated, we’re shopping just once a week and we’ve been lavishing attention on our garden and it’s flourishing. We have a lot to be grateful for.

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  3. Bot of us are at home and as we live in the country we are able to get out for long walks. We are also doing Eldergym classes online. Never a dull moment really. Stay well David and Laura!

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  4. Hi. From the first few days school closed and distance learning was implemented i started planning. I set up my teachers command center. I spend three days at home and two days on location. I got down to business making a daily schedule. I go out three days to walk/ run for 45 min. I have successfully ordered all the art work for my new apartment. I made my to do list and I have completed most of my personal projects. I go live each monday afternoon on Facebook to promote my brand Conversations with j. R. Floyd. Finally completing the one course i need for my career change. I know the world is in chaos, but I choose to avoid the madness that the media can create.💖🙏

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  5. We are in the process of moving at the end of the month to Mn. Unless the close the roads from state to state. So living with lots of boxes and sorting as we go what to keep and what to throw away. My husband is a keeper, I am not so we do have some interesting discussion, actually they could be classified as fights or at least I fight. Enjoying having time to surf on the web for some things that have been on my mind. Walking a little, trying to not eat more then normal, which is hard since I have been baking. We are making it…

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    • Thanks, he is a spicy kitty, meaning he has a lot of spice in his personality. He likes to eat paper (yep you heard that right) he drinks water from the tap and likes to sleep in the bathtub or sink, he runs up the stairs if you are walking up them to beat you to the top, he meows like a weirdo, more like a howl meow. But we love him!

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