Fort George, Grenada

We are just walking around, and I see a fort at the top of the hill. It is HOT out, but I want to check it out, so we start walking. The streets are difficult to walk – because they are narrow with steep uneven sidewalks, or sometimes no sidewalks and cars are moving by quickly. We brave it and sweat our way to the top. The fee was $2 each to enter. The fort is now a police academy and we see them working on polishing shoes in the top portion, and young men working out hard in another section of the fort. It is a wonderful view and there were several cool spots in between the fort walls, the top has a breeze but brilliant sunshine. We check out the variety of cannons, some just tossed off bases and scattered.

View from the top!
Check out how Davids hat is blowing off in the wind in this shot!

Windy but beautiful!

Our cruise ship below, Royal Carribean – Vision of the Seas
Inside the fort, some point a basketball court.

13 responses to “Fort George, Grenada”


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    1. It was beautiful! But now back in our Livingroom, like everyone else, just quarantined and hanging out.

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  2. Great photos….makes me want to return…IF WE CAN CONTINUE TRAVELLING !

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    1. We will be able to one day…..a few months all will be back.


  3. You grooved on the cannon, loved it. Interesting shot with the cannon and cruise ship.

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    1. Thanks, just goofing around!

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  4. Beautiful photos of Grenada! I really need to do a cruise to the Caribbean. I have nominated you for a Blogging Award. No need to partake if it’s not your thing by the way. 🙂

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    1. Hmmm, maybe this weekend. I am stuck at home afterall. Tell me more


  5. Can’t wait to be able to start traveling again!

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  6. Wonderful pictures of the fort that reminded me of my visit there. Thank you so much for sharing your photos.

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    1. thanks Geri, we are behind on responding have been working hard lately, but we loved that trip. I just got a part time job in Jamaica on top of my regular work, so who knows how many times I get to go there!

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      1. You have to like getting to go back.

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      2. For sure, but not now of course, we cant go anywhere right now!

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