Sushi at Sea

Were back from our cruise, but then I came down with a fever of 103, and a cough. Since I work in a hospital, prior to returning they made me get tested and turns out I only have a stinker flu – my temp is down to 100 at this point so on my way back to health.

David and I are ready to make some sushi, I love how goofy he is with this hat and face!

So lets move on to fun things, such as Sushi Classes on our Sea Day. We wer on the Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas and had a sea day, decided to try a Sushi making class, and honestly I learned a lot.

Check out our handy work – we could only eat about 50% of what we made – such a shame!

With out a doubt as soon as I can get over to our local super Asian grocery store, I will buy some ingredients and make a huge pot of rice try this class with the kids as home.


15 responses to “Sushi at Sea”

  1. I wonder if any restaurants ever offer classes like this… I think they would be quite popular! Or maybe restaurants that serve sushi wouldn’t necessarily want you to know how to make it yourself!!!

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    1. I’ve seen restaurant sushi classes in several event apps… but I live in SoCal and there’s sushi about every 3 blocks. Too bad I don’t eat fish or seafood!
      Check places like eventbrite and goldstar.

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    2. Well after everything blows over and we can go to restaurants again, hopefully in another week. I would like to check it out, for the kids, they would love this.


  2. Your sushi looks great! I love when a class actually teaches you something you want to do again!

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    1. I was not as up for it as David was, but I sure was glad we did it.

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  3. Hope you feel better soon. Well enough to make more sushi!

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    1. I am definitely on the mend Sheree!

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  4. Iā€™m glad to see as a Japanese that you like sushi

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    1. Taikisy, oh yeah, we love it. But so funny, we were in Tokyo last year and we never even had some, we were so busy eating everything we completely forgot to get some sushi. I guess we will just have to go back!

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  5. Oooh looks tasty! Get well soon!!ā¤ļøšŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah, it was tasty and fun to learn something new!


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