Back from Cruise, just barely

Well, we could not post the entire time on the cruise, because the wifi, was spotty at best, and we could not download even one image, so will post over this week, but the worst part was we almost did not make it back home. Our cruise ship, the Royal Caribbean Vision of Seas, was turned away from both St Marteen, and St Kitts, so we ended up with an extra sea day, then the morning we were supposed to dock at San Juan, Puerto Rico, we woke up and noticed we were not docked, we were still at sea. We were scheduled to disembark around 7:30, at 7:45ish, the captain said they were working on the paperwork as quickly as possible, but all I could think about was quarantine and living inside our inside stateroom for 30days. David was … whatever…. I think he just wanted to be off work, but did not think about being locked up in a room.

Around 8am, the captain said we were granted permission and we would be allowed to disembark at 9:15, so we did as quickly as possible and ran to the airport. Once we were thru customs and waiting for our plane at the airport, we heard from others on our ship the ship that was tandem to us all cruise – an Celebrity cruise was banned from docking and they were on a 15day quarantine at sea, from two people who were just test positive for Corona Virus- YIKES!!! So close, so glad to be home. Whew!

Our boat from the top of

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  1. I’m glad you guys made it back. I’ve been seeing photos of thousands of stranded travelers, all crammed into airport waiting lounges, which is a recipe for disaster during a pandemic like this. I’ve got cousins who just returned from Europe, and they’re under quarantine right now. Good luck to you and your family, stay safe.

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    • Mandy, you are so right, I was Praying the entire time, and I know he heard me. Especially since I have been sick since I returned with a fever of 103, but good news, not Corona, I was tested because I work in a hospital during surgeries and they would not let me return until I was cleared. So sick but not CV19 sick. So back to work on Monday.


    • Well, we had an inside cabin, so if we did end up quarantine, we would have been stuck inside in a room as small as a large bathroom, the internet sucked, and the tv only had 12 channels, and 2 of them were about things you could buy on the ship, one on the view from the ship. So would have been a long time locked up for sure!

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  2. Whew! Thanking God y’all made it back home safely. I pray everyone else did as well. It would have been a not-so-great experience being locked up in that little room, I wouldn’t think! Being quarantined is much better in the comfort of your own home.

    Hope you had a wonderful time and made many memories you two can always enjoy together. ❤

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  3. We’re in quarantine on our yacht in the south of Chile, as I’ve been covering on my blog lately, and the people on the cruise ships around here have been worse off then anybody. I heard of two being forbidden to dock locally, and then at all in South America; I think they travelled to the States eventually. Passengers had died aboard of the virus by that time. Very nasty.

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