Bacardi Tour, Puerto Rico

What should we do other than eat, swim, sleep in late, enjoy each other, and hang out on a Beach…. we decided to Tour the Bacardi Distillery. We Uber it over… and David says as we pull into the Bacardi complex, they should name a building after you. I do love Bacardi Silver Rum!

The Sunrise, a sweet orange tropical drink we could purchase upon arrival.

We decided a history tour of the distillery, a mixology course on three infamous Bacardi drinks. All super delicious and what a fun experience, we were laughing thru the entire mixology course. We are sharing a few pictures of our time here. More to be added as soon.

Coins we were given to purchase one drink upon arrival, we both choose the sunrise drink. Orange, Lime, Grendine, Rum – Delicious!
My finished product of a Bacardi Mojito at our Mixology course.

More pictures to add this afternoon, awaiting David’s photos to add, and lets face it, his are superior to mine.


13 responses to “Bacardi Tour, Puerto Rico”

  1. Enjoy life for us all.

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    1. We did, 5 drinks worth, yikes! Thanks goodness we ate right before we arrived. Posting more pictures of this tour later today.

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      1. Ok, looking forward to the fun.

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  2. Wow, that looks like SO much fun!

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    1. It really was, but the 5 drinks, that was a lot, but had a great time!


  3. So cool
    Awesome coins!
    I’ve got one for yuns… Also, tell the lizards I love ’em

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    1. For sure, we saw a few and I thought of you, super lizards – and they all looked really happy honestly.


      1. I’m surprised & grateful Murph & I are thought of when you see other gorgeous scaly ones! Hope you’re still having a wonderful time.

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      2. We are and went on a pirate cruise yesterday, saw baby sea turtles and big ones, and a sunken ship and then jumped off a swing bridge and gang plank for about 45minutes, then drank WAY to much rum punch. Trying to take it slow today.

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      3. turtles & swing bridges… I’m happy for you… envious, but happy! Lightweights : )

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  4. Awesome to see you are living your life to the fullest. Enjoy each and every moment and share the journey with us. 🙂

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