Puerto rico

We just landed, and were not even done with our new Orleans posts yet, so here we are enjoying life and the beach and each other!

View from the beach next to our Airbnb

19 responses to “Puerto rico”

  1. Have a great time!

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  2. I’ve wanted to visit PR for a long time. Please have fun for me!!!

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    1. Leendadll, we are – just wrapped up a Barcadi tour and now, I am watching David swim in the ocean.


  3. Have a wonderful time you two.
    I would be interested in know about the recovery from the hurricane there.

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    1. You know, we have been asking, and they are – whatever. There is no recovery, we are fine. No discussion of it. Saw a few crumbled buildings, but nothing really.

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      1. Thanks for the feed back David & Laura.

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      2. Just asked some more, they said it was on the other side of the island, 2hrs away and they know very little about it

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      3. I had hoped they’d recovered by now….

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      4. We spoke to several people and they said, not really, but again seemed unconcerned with is so weird to us.

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      5. Yes, you would expect a little more concern….

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      6. Maybe they don’t want to alarm the tourists?

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      7. That is all I could think of as well, but until after I left, we are headed back to Puerto Rico on Sat, right now were in Grenada, posting soon.

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  4. Sit back and enjoy it is so beautiful there!

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