Johnny Sanchez lunch. New Orleans

On the way walking to another parade I saw this Mexican restaurant and the chips with plantains and salsa caught my eye.  A quick snack that turned into a lunch.  I guess you cant eat southern creole the whole trip…. well I could, but just sounded great and it was.

This cauliflower taco was one of the best things I have ever eaten.
A meatball taco, where the meat was so smooth it was divine.  The waitress told us both tacos are award winning and we believe it.
Wall art
Chuly inspired chandeliers
These plantains were so crispy perfect.
Aaron Sanchez owns this place and I love him from food network, masterchef and chopped. Excellent choice for a mini meal.

5 responses to “Johnny Sanchez lunch. New Orleans”

  1. I’m totally envious that you got to eat at an Aaron Sanchez restaurant!

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    1. I know. He is so cool and I really loved his food, honestly incredibly delicious

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