Valentine’s Party Fun

We had a Valentine’s nite party, to celebrate love for family and friends. Had a wonderful time, sharing a few pictures.

7 responses to “Valentine’s Party Fun”

  1. What a precious idea! I love that you did this and hope you made memories to last a lifetime! 💞

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    1. It was, I love hanging out with my parents and family, they are my happy place. So we have a lot of parties, still have a St Patrick Day Party and an Easter party upcoming, and now that we are in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, when we get back, we are going to have a late Mardi Gras party, because why not!!!!


  2. I love any excuse to celebrate family and friends! Thank you for sharing your photos!

    On Valentine’s Day, I had to take care of a overflowing toilet in my daughter’s house and then dealt with a huge gnarly leak in a pipe under my mom’s kitchen sink!

    But I ended the day enjoying a nice pasta dinner, little glass of Pinot Grigio, with my daughter, and her 3 kids, and my niece. So the good news is, I was not lonely !!

    Susan Grace

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    1. Susan, never be lonely. I bet your daughter and kids loved it too and they were not lonely. Life hits you – right You think your getting this and end up with this even if you do everything right or everything wrong it just kind of has its own path for you.

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      1. Love those thoughts! Yes life has a path for each of us .. might as well enjoy the ride!

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