Reschedule a trip

We are consider a short trip to Puerto Rico to fill our Cancelled trip to China. But there was just an Earth Quake there recently, so if we do go, we are going to have to take some helper supplies, will look into that and what to bring. Will do my research and get back on the plans.


9 responses to “Reschedule a trip”

  1. Good luck with everything!

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    1. Thanks, just booked the trip. Will post tomorrow on it!


    1. Thanks, we are well, just busy with life.


  2. I just read what you wrote, I wish you blessings

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  3. I have a good friend in Puerto Rico! I’ll look forward to your upcoming posts and photos!

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  4. I just got off a cruise that was supposed to stop in Tortola but due to technical issue changed the stop to Puerto Rico instead! We got off the ship just to look around but it was so hot that I only went one block and I was done!

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    1. Ha, Hot I bet. I will spend all day in the heat but like the cold at night. When David and I honeymooned in Rome, I remember thinking, this is the HOTTEST I have ever been, I told him I think my internal temp is 1million and 5 degrees. But a wonderful trip and memories.


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