Putting off our China trip

Decided last night we are going to have to put off our China trip not because we’re scared of being sick with Corona virus but because we’re scared of being quarantine.

The idea of being locked in a room for 3 weeks when we arrive and not seeing the sites, or coming home and being forced to quarantine for 3 weeks to beyond scary to me. We have always felt just sitting on a couch or stuck at home is the worst thing for us. So a delay to September is planned. Luckily we can do this for only a $68 penalty each. Worth it to us. New trip to be planned to replace it soon.

39 responses to “Putting off our China trip”

  1. You are being wise! Life is all about rolling with the punches and riding the waves of change and unexpected circumstances. You are simply adapting, do it’s all good!

    Susan Grace

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    • Wow, we tried to cancel with air Canada fix we bought thru Priceline and honestly they said, well why would you want to cancel? We have heard nothing about this flu, you will have to call our management. We did the next day and got the deal of $68.

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