Late Late Dinner in Chicago

Dinner at Volare Ristorante Italiano Chicago, right around the corner from the Christmas tree and on the way back to our hotel near Michigan Ave.

We walked over to dinner and had some wonderful Italian food that I still can remember, having fun with friends makes everything better! Next to the Red Head Piano bar for some Late, Late, Late singing and drinks! The bars in Chicago stay open to 3am we are told….

8 responses to “Late Late Dinner in Chicago”

  1. Looking beautiful!!!😍

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  2. You look so wonderful together. Always. 😊

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    1. Thanks, were just happy together, that’s why we look good

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  3. I think I need to go to Chicago just to go to this restaurant. I love Italian! I have a friend in Chicago right now (visiting old friends in her old haunts) and I’ll gave to ask her about this place and also about the Red Head Piano Bar! Looks like such a fun, memorable evening! I want to be there too! Thanks for sharing the joy!

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    1. They are right next to each other, or at least walkable, there are so many incredible places to eat there, And things to do you will love it!

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    1. It was, but the best part was the friendship!

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