Starbucks Chicago Roastery

Well our friends Bruce told us there was a HUGE Starbucks on Michigan Ave, with a spiral escalator and it was four stories tall with a line for coffee on every floor and a medium would cost us $7.00. We had to check it out!

Yep, everything Bruce promised, plus so much more. Starbucks – Chicago Roastery is incredible. If you like coffee, this is the place for you, and $7.00 is worth it for the coolness factor of just visiting.
Making the coffee in a reverse glass coffee pot, very cool! Chicago Roastery – the Disney of Coffee Shops!

This is soooo cool, the coffee starts at the bottom, boils up to the top, then drops to the bottom, is filtered out and put in a fancy cup!

Four Stories of coffee beans in tubes – check out the spiral escalator at the edges, and a video below!

This is a spiral Escalator – Yep, very cool!

The view from inside, but way to cold to go outside on the patio.

17 responses to “Starbucks Chicago Roastery”

  1. WOW, my head is spinning! Nice pics.

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    1. I wish I could get the videos to play, I will try again to down load them tomorrow, it was incredible, and FULL of people buying coffee and coffee gifts.

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  2. Thank you for sharing. Wow. I love all things coffee☕

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    1. It is the Disney of Coffee shops, on the top level there was a bar, and then a sky roof deck, but that was closed, because it was super cold.

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  3. Amazing! ☕️ What a fun place to visit!

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    1. It was like a cool hip young hangout for the masses

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  4. What will they think of next?
    I shudder to think😂

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    1. It was crazy busy too! Everyone spending there $$$ – on the 4th floor was a coffee bar – with alcohol drinks.

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  5. My historical fiction novel is set at a Starbucks in Chicago. But it was nothing like that! Of course it is set in 1992. Thanks!

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    1. Oh cool, I will read it.


    2. Oh cool, I will read it. Wait, I looked on your site, where is it? I would like to check it out.


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