Dim Sum in Chicago

A quick lunch between lectures with my friends at a Dim Sum Restaurant –

dim sum[ˌdim ˈsəm]NOUN a Chinese dish of small steamed or fried savory dumplings containing various fillings, served as a snack or main course.

We ordered too much, but loved it. The salt and pepper soft shell crab was the tastiest! I also love the sesame balls for dessert.
My boss Ray and close friend Vince.

20 responses to “Dim Sum in Chicago”

  1. Mohamad Toutounji Avatar
    Mohamad Toutounji

    Very interesting post

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  2. Interesting

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  3. Wow! I like Dim sum ! 👍 Thanks for your post!

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  4. Everything looks and sounds very tasty and I really love those wooden pots too. Thanks for sharing

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    1. It was fun, and I don’t think I noticed those until you mentioned it! Thanks

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  5. I love Dim Sum…we got nuttin in Colorado. Boo.

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    1. That is a boo, Chicago has a huge China Town, and tomorrow we are headed out to my sisterin laws bday party at…. a dim sum place, two in one week. Double lucky

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  6. This spread looks absolutely scrumptious! You are living the life ☺️

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    1. We are trying, leaving the past behind and just enjoying each other and our family together!

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  7. We love dim sum! One weekend we went to have dim sum, and we were talking after having our fill from the carts that passed by. After a couple of hours of chatting we got hungry again and the marvelous thing was that we were at a restaurant, the dim sum carts were still available, so we had a second dim sum meal 🙂 Like I said, we love dim sum!

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    1. Um, yes, that is perfect and a great story. We were there for about 1hr, but just ate dim sum again for my sister in laws birthday and we were there +2hrs, but still full.

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  8. Looks yummy. I wonder if it is as good as the ones in Hong Kong.

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    1. I am sure Hong Kong is better, just because of the location. But my brother and sister in law (who is from China) say it is similar.😊

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  9. What restaurant did you go to?

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    1. Well we used to go to three Happiness, but they closed about 3 years ago, so now we go to Triple Crown.

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      1. Ok, well going to try and look that up next visit

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