Lawry’s Steak House, Chicago Illinois

We recently had dinner with friends and co workers at Lawry’s Steak House in Chicago Illinois, see previous post for more of this dinner site. We go every year to Chicago for RSNA, the Radiological Society of North America. This is our Dinner spot. Sharing a few pictures of the beautiful site! It is filled with history and we love it.

Dinner live carols! Check us all out video taping, everyone!

Me and my Boss Ray enjoying a wonderful meal together!

6 responses to “Lawry’s Steak House, Chicago Illinois”

  1. Thanks for the photos. That chandelier and that staircase are stunning.

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    1. Yeah, the place really has a classic feel. Wonderful food too!

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  2. Lawry’s is always a fun restaurant with delicious servings! Cheers!

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    1. It was super fun and really tasty

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  3. How fun! I am sure you must have had a great time! I have fond memories of this place, from the last time I visited it! Nostalgia!

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    1. Exactly vintage nostalgia, but also very tasty and fun!!!

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