Dad’s 90th Birthday Party

Well my Wonderful Father turns 90 years old tomorrow – on Veterans Day – November 11th. Happy Birthday DAD!

A little bragging – my Father is a great man – a Super Hero of a Dad. He has my back, loves us like no other, proud of each of us , a strong role model for my children -especially thru some really hard days we have had in the past, he is a close friend and mentor to my husband – my Father will tell anyone he meets about us, how great we are, what we do for a living, how David and I are retiring soon – and then will ask – so What are you up to, with a Cheshire Grin. He is tough as nails, I still think he could easily take on and win a fight someone 20 years younger, in a fight . He is sharp – still can do math in his head, when I was a kid, you could ask him the square root of any number, and he knew it! He can remember an address of a house he visited over a month ago, he can remember the price of a stock from a conversation we had last week. He regularly sells things online and keeps busy all day with reading up on the news and learning new internet information. Sharing some pictures of his Birthday party at Buca Italian restaurant this evening – Love the Patriarch of the family –

David and I love you so much – thanks for all you have made us.

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  2. This is amazing, to be 90, so cool. Our neighbor down the street just had a 90th birthday earlier in the year. She is very sharp too, can remember more then me it seems when it comes to what we all have been up to on this block. Happy birthday to your dad, sounds like a wonderful and fun human being to be around.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful celebration. You have written a beautiful tribute to your Father. I wish the world had more people like your Dad and he sounds like someone it is a privilege to know. Lucky you being his daughter. I had a Father like your’s; unfortunately he passed away 10 years ago 2 months shy of his 80th birthday. I looked up to him as he was a Rock of Gibraltar – vibrant, brilliant, a go getter, funny, inspiring…. I could go on and on. So I have a soft spot for Fathers not only like mine, *but like yours* !!! Again, I loved reading about him and seeing the celebratory photos. May he live many more years and thrive and prosper and never lose that cheshire grin or that wonderful hair, hee hee.

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  4. Happy belated birthday! I can’t imagine living up to 90. My parents have never celebrated their birthdays – it was not and still is not a common occurrence among my father’s generation. I was thinking that I throw a joint birthday party for them next year when dad turns 85 and mum 80 (God willing, knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc). Dad’s is in September and mum’s in October. I think they will be tickled pink.

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    • I our family, we celebrate EVERYTHING, we really believe life is so hard, that you have to take the time to celebrate even the small successes – every holiday we can be together, every good health check up, every prideful moment, we try and acknowledge and celebrate. YOur parents will love it!

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  5. Awwww your dad sounds like a great dad. It looks like your dad had a fantastic fun birthday!!!! Beppos is the perfect place for a birthday for everyone!!!! My birthday was yesterday!!! I’m 29!!! I got to see my four BFF’s that I haven’t seen all together forever!!!! So it was the perfect choice to go for my birthday!!!!


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