Weekend at FireKeepers Hotel and Casino, Battle Creek, MI

I had some work to complete in Battle creek, so we decided to spend the weekend at the local Casino and Hotel – Firekeepers. Typically when I work and stay in the area, we stay in downtown Kalamazoo – at the Radisson Plaza Hotel. The downtown Kalamazoo area has so many local places to walk to and if I am working all day, this leaves a lot of options for David. But we wanted to try out the Casino/Hotel even though David would be stuck there while I worked. He slept in late, then hit the pool and gym, the casino and I was back by that point to spend the late afternoon and evening with him. A great getaway weekend with my wonderful Husband. Oh and David played Pai Gow for a few hours and ….. only lost $40, ha! He was up for a few hours, but that is gambling, don’t play if you want to win.

Firekeepers Hotel weekend.
David was able to work out (no free weights at site) but he used the elliptical – then sauna, then steam room and a cool dip in the pool, he was almost alone the entire morning.
Inside the casino. The lights were stunning and changed color along with the music playing.
Video of the casino, but no table pictures per the staff rules.
You can win this low rider! We did not win… well yet, contest is still on.
They are building a second hotel tower on, so business is good. There is seven on site places to eat here, from a buffet to a higher end restaurant and a sports bar. There is also a auditorium or music venue here, and you can watch Michael Bolton or Boz Scaggs, later this year, we wanted to see Bill Engvall, but have too much going on.

10 responses to “Weekend at FireKeepers Hotel and Casino, Battle Creek, MI”

    1. Yeah, just a fun weekend with my wonderful man, enjoying our lives.

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  1. Looks like a great time!

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    1. We really did love the weekend together for sure.

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  2. Oh, that’s great you are really enjoying the tour of shinghai

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    1. Yes, lol we will be headed to Shanghai in march 2020, until then just having fun


      1. Wow that’s sooper cool dear

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  3. Casinos can turn out to be a great all-inclusive get away. Impressive photo of the entry. Unfortunately, you had to work, Laura while David played. Looks like great place to stay:)

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    1. Yes, well a lot times David works and I rest, it goes both ways through our marriage, but the work, often allows us to travel, so I am totally fine with it. David took that shot of the Entry!

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