We booked a Trip to China!

Thank you for the votes on our previous post, we took your advice and we are headed to Shanghai, China. We really looked into just traveling ourselves, and found out from many traveling for the first time to China you should really use a tour company. My brother has been to China for work a dozen times – he strongly recommended this advice. So our search for the best tour group started with TripAdvisor reviews, Groupon getaways, and Travelzoo deals. After weeks of research we settled on Stunning Tours. The 16 Day Panoramic China trip includes all our hot spot visits – Beijing 4 nites with the Great Wall, Xian with the Terra Cotta Warriors, a Small Cruise ship down the Yangtze River, (bonus of Suzhou and Hangzhou) then 3 nights in Shanghai for my ultimate – Disney Shanghai

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  1. Long ago I wanted to read Jules Verne’s book “Tribulations of a Chinaman in China”. A Chinese comedy film was based on this book, and I’ve seen the film (because my country was in the Eastern Bloc then, and a special friend of China), but I couldn’t find the book. Now the book is easy to find, but I can’t find that movie.

    Have a nice trip! China is a “must see” for everyone on this planet, and for the aliens too.

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    • Ok first Nautilus, we have never heard of that book, and Jules Verne how can you go wrong. So we really quickly looked it up and going to try get this book for Christmas to read. So thanks for that tip. Second – yes we really have been wanting to go to China, David went back in the 80’s to Hong Kong with his Mom, and he always wanted to see the Great wall, so here we go, and adventure!

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  2. At this stage in the game I think it is probably wise to use a tour to visit China. We went on our own in 2004 and we were fine but now, with all the unrest, you’ll be safer on a tour.

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  3. I don’t have a desire to go to China, but if I did I would do it exactly how you are doing it (minus Disney 😜).

    Good for you – a great adventure (and the Great Wall) await you 👏

    Susan Grace

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