Vintage Art Show Packard Proving Grounds, Mich

Vintage Art Show Packard Proving Grounds, Mich

Wish we would have brought more money, there was so much to buy!

The Packard Cars were manufactured and tested hear, and now is a historical location with a Car museum and a large hall for weddings and events, a huge lot for community events and car shows. Check out more at this location:

Each of these tree, had a memory plaque chained to it, so beautiful and thoughtful.
The house at the Packard proving ground.

Would have spent every dollar we had, so glad we only brought $25.00. There were art items, antiques, clothing, candles, oils, food trucks, popcorn booths, so much to purchase. Next year we will be back.

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  1. For almost a decade I’ve done all my Christmas shopping at events like this. I feel strongly about supporting the artisans and avoiding made-in-China-landfill-fillers!

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    • Well a Dog Mom glass for our daughter, she started drinking coffee and it would be perfect, a wooden pumpkin to hang on the wall, some lavender oil, and a no carb muffin (ate that already). But I want to go back and put my name on the mailing list. Now, I would have bought a big wreath wooden hanging for outside front porch $25, a Detroit necklace (crystal necklace with a Detroit”D” on it) and a big arched window that was antiqued – to hang on a wall but not sure where would have had to make space for it. Ha!

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  2. It would be dangerous for me to go anywhere near events like these, just think about all the books, art and vintage stuff you can buy. And not knowing what you’ll be able to find only adds more allure to it. Thanks for sharing, what did you guys get?

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    • We forgot to stop at the bank before going, I was so upset about, but turned out to be a good thing, because I would have spent every dollar I brought. We bought a “Dog Mom glass, a no carb buns to try out, a mini soy candle in a pop can, some lavender oil and a wooden pumpkins to hang up”.


    • Yes, in the back museum, but you have to have a tour and we we busy buying crafts, lol. But I went to a wedding there last year and took the tour, it’s really nice and long stories of the site, and each vehicle, we loved it. More than a museum like a history lesson with a museum

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