Three Radiation lectures in one month

I was guest speaker at Henry Ford Hospital on “What to do if the NRC shows up at your facility”.

Then Guest speaker at Ferris State University on “The recent Authorized Users – Final Rules”. Then attended a lecture on “Creating Radioistopes for Strategic and medical application suing a superconducting electron linac” Liked the last one the most, because I was just learning, not speaking. but sharing some photos of my month of Radiation Lectures and my friends I was able to snap a few photos of.

With my Boss, at a lecture for Health Physics Society.
I will post the SouthEast Nuclear Medicine Society Lecture at Henry Ford Pictures after my husband shares them with me.
Too much weekend stuff, looking forward to just relaxing this next weekend!


10 responses to “Three Radiation lectures in one month”

  1. October is always busy! Keep at it!

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  2. Wow, congrats, Laura!! I’m so glad you had an opportunity to not only share what you are passionate about, but as you said, to learn as well! They say the best teachers are the best learners. If you love learning, you’ll make a great teacher.
    So now I’m curious, what do you do? Or did? I thought you and Dave were retired. I think I only recognized a few of the words you used in the lecture titles, haha. Curious!

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    1. Well, I do really love Physics and love radiation physics specifically and we are working toward retirement in 2021, but working super a lot honestly right now, every day even weekends to save up.

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  3. So I just read your about page! A Nuclear Physicist? Wow! What got you into that? And Dave into robot programming? How intriguing. Did you ever write a post about what got you into those fields? And I also love your story as a couple… Beautiful.

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    1. Thanks Mandy, I am almost done with the award, super slow on this…. LOL! Love physics and Dave Loves Robots, were a super geeky couple for sure.

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  4. How fascinating! I would love to hear how you got into that field as well.

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    1. Well, the short story is. we grew up with little money, so my Dad said take all the hardest classes first because later you will have to work, you get one year of not working while in college, I took physics and math, and loved it – and just kept moving forward. I love my job and Physics and Radiation Safety, so working in the right field.

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      1. How rewarding and wonderful you love your job! It sounds like you worked hard to get where you are….kudos to you!

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      2. Thanks, but I think I would love whatever I do, I am just a generally happy person. I would really love traveling and cooking interesting things for a living.

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