Day at the Detroit Zoo

Day at the Detroit Zoo

We took the girls to the Detroit Zoo today. When they were younger, this was their favorite day. They still loved it. We have not been in two years and we see a lot of changes, including the tiger exhibit.

This lemur was just hanging out
They had the zoo decorated for Halloween, this exhibit said elusive mermaid fish.
Halloween Stay Puft decoration at the alligator exhibit.
The butterfly cocoons ready to hatch and be let out into the butterfly house.

Butterfly house at the Detroit Zoo.

Since our daughters are in college now, we know we get less and less of these fun days with them, so just enjoying this time together.

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  1. The zoo is one of my favorite places to go no matter where it is. I lived in Ohio for years, so the Columbus Zoo and The Wilds were my stomping grounds. ~Rita

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  2. I’m surprised Mr. Stay Puft hasn’t been eaten or at least popped by the gators! Nice photos and thank you for the reminder, as I’ve been meaning to get to the Bronx Zoo before the weather gets cold and the trees are barren.

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  3. That place looks wonderful and the sense of humour on the exhibits was a plus! The butterfly that was wanting to be on camera so much looked beautiful and we enjoyed the introspective lemur. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Our kids loved the Toronto Zoo when they were young and this summer we took our grandson. He loved it so the tradition is continuing. It is nice to spend time with our kids who are now adults. Our son lives in England and has a job that involves a lot of travel. But lucky for us he has a job that pays well enough for him to come and visit us! Our daughter lives only 2 hours away so that is nice.

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    • Anne, we do enjoy hanging out with the kids for sure, especially since we know they are older and enjoying there own lives now. The zoo has always been our favorite. Were sure you miss your son so much, our oldest is in the air force and is gone all the time. From parent to parent.

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  5. They open up our city zoo in the evening for trick or treaters. The kids dress up and go around collecting candy from different stations throughout the zoo. I think they are still doing that. My kids are college age now so who knows whats going on in the kiddie events.

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