Chateau d’If – Count of Monte Cristo – Marseille France

Chateau d’If  – Count of Monte Cristo – Marseille France

David and I have both been working so hard over the last two week, and trying to catch up at work from all our summer travels. All this hard work has us reflecting on our past travel and working hard toward our current travels.

We are sharing a previous trip we took a few years back to Marseille, France and Chateau d’If. David insisted we go to the prison where the Count of Monte-Cristo (a mythical book published in 1844) was based. David loves the book of the man, Edmond Dantes, who makes a wonderful comeback from prison to a Count with revenge. David loved the book so much he insisted I watch the movie together prior to our trip, and I was impressed as well.

We purchase our tickets and take the taxi boat over to the island, it is a crystal aquamarine blue and green Mediterranean sea, contrasted by a harsh rock island.
David and I soak in the surroundings and stop for a conversation of the site and to enjoy each other in the moment. We toasted the sea, the prison and how blessed we are to be together.
Marseille, France in the background with a toast of coffee and wine.

38 responses to “Chateau d’If – Count of Monte Cristo – Marseille France”

  1. Oh my goodness! I can not get over the beauty of those waters! Wow. I can only imagine your breath was stolen right out of your body when you stood there together.

    It is fascinating to me as well – the stark contrast of the prison with the natural beauty around it. It must have made being in that prison all the more hellish.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip with us!

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  2. Wow! I would really love to see that place! Ever since I read that book in my childhood it has stuck with me, and Edmond Dantés remains a role model (aside from the vengeance part) to this day. Hope you had a great time there!

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    • We really did, when we got home, we re-watched the movie. The location was hot, but breezy, cool inside the stone walls of the prison. The views were stunning. You could feel the love and hate of the location when standing there looking at it.

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