Local Alaskan Products we love and did not love

I am sure you have experienced this, your on vacation, you check out the local stores, and tend to see the same items over and over again. No matter where you go, there they are, so must be what everyone wants. No pictures of T-shirts, but as you imagine, every kind of T-shirt was available. We saw these unique items while in Alaska, and bought few.

We bought a mini totem pole to put in with our Christmas tree, these are hand carved by local Indians, and mid priced, but we don’t typically buy things on trips so splurged.
There were a variety of locally made products for natural healing and we bought this soothing rub made from Devils Club, we have used it several times since this purchase and it worked for David’s sore arm. We love natural products – so will be ordering more from their website in the future.

We did buy some blueberry jam – we like to have our family parties, and thought that this with stories of the Alaskan frontier served with cheese and crackers would be perfect.

You can find smoked Salmon EVERYWHERE. We were told if it is in a can, it is probably Chum Salmon, and that is salmon for their dogs, so be careful when buying (we opted out of this purchase).
For David to shave Boldly!

Kelp Salsa and Kelp Pickles, curry flavored. I tried the kelp pickles on the whale watching tour, so would have bought these again, but doubt any body but me would try them, so did not get any of these kelpie foods.

Unique Alaskan Store products we typically saw while on our Alaskan Cruise.
You can find Blue Berry and Huckle Berry everything in stores. We bought a Huckle Berry Chocolate Bar and when we got home and tasted it, it was ā€¦ well we would give it a 3 out of 10.

We also bought an ULU – What is that? Check out our Next post….. to find out.


10 responses to “Local Alaskan Products we love and did not love”

  1. I remember seeing a lot of fireweed stuff! Didn’t try anything if it though.

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    1. Yeah, I wish we would have bought some actually, but I remember thinking 9$ is a lot to buy something there is a good chance I will hate.


  2. Cool kelp edibles. Also, Iā€™m now craving jam on toast.

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    1. I tried a kelp pickle when there, it tasted like a vinegar flavored kelp, just like you would imagine – very seaweed tasting, but sponge texture.


  3. I would buy all those jams. My husband and son love blueberry the most.

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    1. The blueberry is very tasty, but could use more blueberries. But very flavorful, I had to taste test it Tuesday – just checking it out before anyone had a chance, you know – chef’s treat, lol!

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  4. If I had seen the shaving soap I would certainly have bought some.

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    1. Dave Loves it, it smells really manly clean, so I love it too

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  5. Got to learn about products local to Alaska..
    Thank you for sharing this.. šŸ™‚
    Will try them out when I visit Alaska..!!

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    1. Alaska is really the best, very spiritual and clear and wholesome is how I felt the entire time.

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