Raptor Sanctuary – Ketchikan Alaska

We walked around the corner and – there was a bald eagle, sitting in the enclosure. We are from Michigan and have seen maybe two bald eagles in our life time (outside of a zoo). In Alaska, it is more like – there is an eagle, there is eagle, there is another. This location, took in injured birds and gave them a home if they could not be returned. I consider that one of the highest honorable things a person can do, care for those who cannot. (guess that is why I am in medicine). Check out these wonderful birds.

Another bird and the handler, explaining the incredible work they do at this facility with birds of prey.
This poor little guy was rehabilitated, but then could not make it on his own in the wild, so they brought him back, and he seems happy here.
One of the many, many Eagles saw in the wild.
A few totems at the site just outside the raptor sanctuary.

Published by David & Laura Speer

Were a Metro Detroit, Michigan, couple – second marriages for both of us – and we dream of retiring early to Travel the World. Follow us while we try and figure out to raise our kids, and save to retire. David is a Robot Programmer, Laura is a Medical Physicist. We put our kids before ourselves for years, saved and ate at home and now after years of all this sacrifice and raising our kids - we are closing in on empty nesting, and we realized we have the opportunity to retire earlier than most and follow our dreams to travel the world. How are we going to do this? Well we have a lot of ideas, but lets see how it works out. Our original retirement date was January 1, 2021. We are reviewing the option of working another 3 years but prefer to keep the 2021 date, either way we will be retired by 55 years old - still trying to figure out how, but working toward our goal everyday, while enjoying each other and our blended family. Follow us to see what happens. All images on this blog are copyright (c)

68 thoughts on “Raptor Sanctuary – Ketchikan Alaska

      1. My local football team OGCNice, nickname Les Aiglons (the eagles) has an eagle fly around the ground before kick off. I know the bird is sort of tame but I always worry it’s going to sweep into the crowd and carry something or someone off. Usually, it returns to its handler but once it perched on the top rung of the stadium and took some coaxing down.

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      1. We have been feeding them for 5 years.
        We used to think the same but later we knew they Aren’t πŸ˜‚
        First they entertain us with their songs. When they see eagles are near they create more noise when we give them meat they wait for eagles and no sooner they came closer clever crows grab they meat and fly and eagle fly back as loser. But they win the fly and grab game more than crows. πŸ¦…πŸ˜‚πŸ¦…

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      2. There are lots of pigeons and we have seeds for them. In my vicinity we don’t have many sparrows but in the morning we can hear their beautiful chirping that often shadowed by eagle’s song. Squirrels are also there.
        And definitely life is completely incomplete without cats. They don’t catch pigeons albeit they can 😺😺
        There are water and seed troughs at every home edge.

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      3. We live next to a small creek, so we get ducks, there is a family of swans that live around the bend, then deer come out at night, we have quite a few neighborhood deer, then a rabbits, a family of squirrels live in our back oak tree, and in our back yard right next to the river is a ground hog, and of course fish, but mostly carp. So kind of like a mini park in our backyard, it feels country, but it is very close to many stores and roads.

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  1. We loved that place!!! I almost bought the postcards that said Sitka and had the eagle on them… Then later I realized I should have bought them! I think they also had postcards with Jake (the hawk) but we ended up getting an Alaskan mug instead. Did you also do the rainforest tour there?

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  2. I am fortunate to live in an area where I see bald eagles close to where I live. I grew up in a time when they were extinct, never thinking I would one day be able to see one a mile from my home. They are amazing creatures to watch, and I find I still get emotional when I will see one take flight across the sky. Rehabilitation centers that care for injured raptors and then allow them to stay if they cannot make it in the wild are wonderful places. Check out the Decorah Eagle webcam for real time eagle watching fun-they are offline until October, but check them out then.https://www.raptorresource.org/

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  3. I was looking for you yesterday, but somehow I wasn’t following you anymore!! How easily things fall apart here is astounding.
    So glad you saw these amazing eagles. We have eagles in the UK and a species that was extinct here was reintroduced recently in Scotland. Farmers aren’t happy as one took a lamb, but I guess that’s how nature is. We have a lot of raptors where I live.

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    1. You know that has happened to me a lot as well. Not sure how….. WordPress is glitchy. We did not have eagles here since I was a child (that is a long time) but recently some people have said there is one around here, but we have only seen them way up north in the top of the Michigan mit, close to Canada. I feel like a lot of wild life = healthy environment. So yes loosing a lamb – or a small dog can be taken too is a shame, but part of wildlife.

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      1. It really must have been inspiring! I’m happy to hear that they’re thriving! I’ve never been to Alaska, but I would like to someday, and see the beautiful birds that God made!

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  4. The Eagle is so majestic! What a wonderful place for raptors to rehabilitate. We have several places like this near the Chesapeake Bay Maryland region. πŸ™‚

    Best of luck and fun in your planning your next chapter of life with retiring! Hubby & I planned and were lucky to retire at 56 in 2015. We’ve had a temporary hold-back in last couple years, but are now getting ready to embark on our lifelong dream of traveling the U.S. in our motorhome for a several years. We’re getting excited!

    Thanks for following my blog, I’m looking forward to following yours. Cheers! 😊

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    1. Donna, we are also worried we wont be able to retire at 52, but I think we will have David start and then I will follow. It is the darn health care that makes it almost impossible to retire early. How to afford it. But now your getting ready to do it! How excited, we are both so happy for you guys, honestly what an accomplishment, we will be following you on your motorhome dream!

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