All you can Eat Crabs – George Inlet Lodge – Ketchikan Alaska

All you can Eat Crabs – George Inlet Lodge – Ketchikan Alaska

So we wanted all you could Eat Crabs – David wanted King Crabs, but was perfectly happy with these tasty Dungeness Crabs. Guess how many servings David Ate?

Check out this huge giant bowl filled with steamy delicious crab. I have honestly never seen this many crab, or eaten this much ever before. I felt like our waitress, dressed in this cute little fisherman wharf outfit was tossing them out – You get a crab, you get a crab, you get a crab…..

David is so happy and turns out David ate 5 – yes FIVE servings of crab – Crazy huh! I barely ate three, and pushed myself at that. Then he had a delicious piece of local blueberry topped cheese cake.
If you love crab and all you can eat, we would go here for sure – a 100% recommend.

48 responses to “All you can Eat Crabs – George Inlet Lodge – Ketchikan Alaska”

  1. I love crab and I enjoy eating it.. like I used to start from its legs then other parts.. but here in India I haven’t seen like.. these big crabs. Enjoyed your post. Keep going🤗✌

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    • The crazy part is they come even bigger than this these are small crabs for Alaska but they were huge to us we would never say anything like this where we’re from in Michigan of the states that would be even one-tenth that size so everything that we get that the crab is Frozen. Do nice yo est straight off the boat.

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  2. Hlo.. David & Laura Spear. You are just amazing blogger. The way you explore this world is just awesome. I like all of your post very very much. Hope you are doing good these days. It’s an honour for me to nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award. I hope you will accept this.


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