We Saw a Bear in Alaska!

After rounding the corner from the 1400year old tree right about 10 feet away from where we were just standing was a big old Black Bear! I was hoping to see a bear while we were there, and we did. We have heard, bears do not like surprises so make noises when walking in the wild and we were and he stayed away, in fact I doubt he even noticed us, he was busy eating the spawning salmon. He would take a bite of one, toss it away, take a bit of another, toss that away, and then just kind of walked around and then walked away. The guide on the tour said another one was close by as well, so we should move on.

Hello Bear on our tour, we were just a few feet away from you around the previous corner.

65 responses to “We Saw a Bear in Alaska!”

  1. As Im from Africa, the place I love to see bears are in photos, safely out of harm’s way. They’re not nearly as cuddly as some folks like to teach their little ones. What an amazing sight.

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    • Yes, we agree. My girls and myself are really into animals, and go to a lot of zoos, but always feel awful about it them caged up. So just walking around and seeing a bear was both extremely scary and wonderfully amazing. Glad to see him, but glad he left as well.

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      • There’s a place in Vancouver called Grouse Mountain and they have two bears, both were found as orphans – one dehydrated and weak, the other was a lone survivor of an accident, so they raised them there. That could also be a good way to see bears without feeling like they’re being exploited. We almost went there but ended up going to Vancouver Aquarium instead.

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    • Hi Pit, the scary part was we were just walking about 10feet from that exact point, and there was nothing from him just attacking us – well but the guide. Assuming she had some tricks to save us. I don’t think that bear was interested in us though because of all the spawing fish, that is what really saved us.


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