Alaska License plate

We are going to try and start something new – post license plates from places we have gone, so here is ALASKA! Who knows maybe we will start a trend! Like posting beautiful Doors photographed on Travels, we will post Travel License Plates!

I did check and see if this is allowed, and a lawyer commented this is because they are public and there is no malleus or personal information attached.


9 responses to “Alaska License plate”

  1. Gosh, what a nifty idea!

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    1. Thanks Pete, starting a trend over here!!! LOL!

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      1. Sure. Go for it. 👍

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    1. I know right…. and that is our next post the wild bear we saw, but were safely far enough away

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  2. I like thst idea. I hope to see more license plates.

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    1. I have been thinking about it for awhile, so I have a few from Iceland, paris, Tokyo. I will be sharing as soon as I am done with the Alaska posts. I wish I could do this all day – post and check out others post, but you know work and life …..

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  3. Great idea! We have been having fun looking at other states’ plates. I haven’t taken any photos though…
    AK’s plate is really cool with that bear 🐻

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    1. Yeah, I thought so too. I just thought one day I’ll have tons of plates and I’ll post them all in one giant post. But now I’m thinking one at a time, but only places we visit. Not if I run across them.

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