Where should we go next – VOTE

I am trying out using a poll, we are back from Alaska, but still posting our pictures, but where do you think we should go next? Taking ideas. I do not have Peru in the mix, but it is for sure on our short list as well.

David and Laura on the beach in Mexico.

84 responses to “Where should we go next – VOTE”

  1. If you are up for adventure, go somewhere that slightly scares you. If you are looking for a peaceful trip, go somewhere that makes you think of a place where you could retire. Or maybe you’re looking for an intellectually stimulating destination, like a culture steeped in history. Or a place with incredible food!!! Or maybe a country that speaks to your own heritage.
    Campbell and I have always wanted to go to New Zealand after seeing LOTR for the first time all those years ago, but I also want to go to India because I’ve had a deep love for the country since I was pen pals with a missionary there at the ages of 10-12, and Campbell loves Scotland and we want to go backpacking there one day, Lord-willing. So I suppose it’s the reasons! “I want to see mountains, Gandalf, mountains! And find somewhere quiet where I can finish my book.” ~Bilbo from “The Fellowship of the Ring” 😀

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  2. Australia. I would love ve to go to Australia. I hear it’s beautiful and so are the people. Then again you visit the Mariana islands which include Guam, Saipan, Rota, And Tinian. It’s like a miniature Hawaii and I’m sure you can ride a boat to each island.

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    • Thanks alchemist, we found tickets for 684$us. That is a bargain, but a super long flight, 24 total with a layover after 8hrs. But also found a travelzoo sale to Greece, all included $999, so decisions decisions, lol


  3. Islands – all the low ones that won’t be there as sea levels rise. Unless you like heat, all the places that are getting too hot to see without AC. The world is changing fast – you don’t want good stuff to be taken off the list by default!

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