Skagway, Alaska

Just a few pictures of the town of Skagway. After our Helicopter tour was cancelled, we walked to town and did some shopping while waiting to go on our Gold Panning Tour. We also thought about doing the railway Yukon route – but there was a landslide, and the railway was shut down for the day, and we learned some were stuck up on the mountain waiting for bus trips back down. So we learned this town has ~500residents during the winter, and ~1500 during the summer, the local campsite is booked two years out during the summer and empty in the winter. We really enjoyed just hanging out in town. These are some of the high lights.

Check out the Cruise ship at the end of the street! It looks like a building, but this is the view from the front.

Some signs in Skagway.

Back to the ship.
Skagway, Alaska Visit for a day
Skagway view from back at the Ruby Princess Cruise Ships.

25 responses to “Skagway, Alaska”

  1. Good memories as I did the same trip. That’s a shame the railway was cancelled :(. It looks like you got s few interesting shots!

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  2. A place I have never been. Have you seen the Northern Lights.

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  3. Love the photo of the cruise ship at the end of the street.

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    1. Seconding heavenstobetty!

      Dave and Laura, you two have indeed travelled to many places!

      Happy October to all of you very soon!

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      1. Ha, we want to travel so many more, working on Shanghai and China for the spring!

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      2. Hi Dave and Laura,

        Since you aim to visit China and Shanghai, here is a very long and detailed post to whet your appetite at

        Please enjoy!

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      3. Ok, deal we will read this later tonight. We are looking at flights right now to sort thru.

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      4. We would really love to go to China, although David has gone previously.

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  4. Beautiful place..❤️

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  5. It still looks like a prospector’s town

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    1. It was made to look that way, and there were a lot of old artifacts left there they were still using. We could picture the entire situation with them staying there.

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      1. That is cool! So it’s like Barkerville

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      2. Ok, now I am looking up Barkerville…..

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      3. It’s a great place that I really want to visit!

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      4. Barkerville was the main town of the Cariboo Gold Rush in British Columbia, Canada, and is preserved as a historic town. It is located on the north slope of the Cariboo Plateau near the Cariboo Mountains 80 kilometres east of Quesnel. Is this where your talking about????

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      5. Ok, I am understanding now, the only difference with this site, is…. these are the outcasts, the town of Skagway is where the miners were, and they hated the journalists, so they literaly ran them out of town, but they had to stay because it was their job to report (get paid) so they put up a shanty town in the middle of the woods, just so they could keep working – this shanty wood town was called – Liarsville – because they were branded Liars. That is how we were told the story goes…

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      6. Oh very interesting!

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  6. Very interesting place. Thank you.

    Happy and safe travels!

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    1. Our travels are always happy even when they are not, we just love being together, regardless of the situation.

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  7. If I ever make it there you will be my go-to for info!

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  8. You will make it there, we believe it!


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