Liarsville, Alaska

Liarsville, Alaska

We could not go on our helicopter tour to a glacier (super sad face here), because the weather. So instead, we booked a tour to Gold Pan in Liarsville – just outside of Skagway, Alaska. We thought we were going Gold panning, we both pictured us our in the wild standing in a river panning for gold, and probably not finding anything. This was not what this tour was about. Liarsville, is a shanty town set up by reporters who were hated by the Skagway locals.

The journalist were run out of town during the Klondike Gold Rush because they had WAY over hyped the gold found in the area and cooked up all manner of tall tales to only sell more newspaper not inform the public. FAKE NEWS! Many flocked to Alaska for the Gold rush, only to freeze or starve to death, and the journalists were blamed.

The Liarsville tour, had a small town set up, a comedy show, history lesson, and then chance to find some gold—which, for the record, was just dirt in a pan, with some pre place gold flakes in the pan. Not the gold panning we imagined.

Gold Panning in Alaska

The gold we found

It has a 4/5 rating on TripAdvisor, so it has a lot to offer to some, but we were expecting something different, and were disappointed in this tour for that reason. We did hear their Salmon bake is amazing, but it was not part of tour, AND at the time the electricity was out so would not be an option even if we had booked it. The performers had A LOT of energy in their performance, but still not what we expected.

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