Radiation Detectors at the Skagway Canada Boarder

Ok, most probably only I find this interesting, on the bus ride back from the boarder, we stop at customs and I “detect” some radiation detectors as we drive through. I work in Physics and Radiation Safety, so this to me is awesome cool. I completely understand if it is not for anyone else. Radiation Nerds in the house, speak up!

The yellow and white panels are the detectors.


9 responses to “Radiation Detectors at the Skagway Canada Boarder”

  1. Did you toss your cobalt out the window?

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    1. Ha, right before we got there! lol! That is good Kathy!

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  2. What are they looking for besides radiation? Like is someone stealing something radioactive?

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    1. Yes, exactly, stealing it to do something evil with it!

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      1. Ahh, good job, then!! I was afraid radiation was leaking from the ground or something…

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      2. Nope, Radiation monitoring is for assurance those who steal it will be caught.

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  3. So is there something that would give out radiation from where you were coming from?

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    1. No actually radiation detectors that are all are at all American borders to make sure no one is sneaking in radiation or taking out radiation we worry about radiation and people doing bad things with it like making dirty bombs

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    2. I recognized them because I work in the field of radiation safety in physics

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