Glacier Gardens – Alaska and spoken native language Video

A series of unfortunate events = Glacier Gardens, Juneau Alaska. This is how they described it in our tour. An interesting place, so lets check it out.

We take a ride up the mountain to see the recovered garden from the landside (unfortunate event) and have a wonderful tour from our guide who wishes us the best in his native language which is not a written language. There are least 17 original major Tribes that are Native to Alaska and of course, over the centuries they branched apart into separate Tribes. Some of the predominant Tribes are the Inupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian and the Northern Athabaskan. Today, there are 227 Federally recognized Tribes in Alaska that live in separate Indians Villages as opposed to the Reservations in the lower 48 States.

Our Guide speaking the unwritten language of his clan.

Gardens at the base.

We were only here a short time

The owner – Steve – decided to take fallen trees and make them into sculptures of upside down gardens – the hanging flowers are on top of the root structure of a tree base. Unfortunate the tree has fallen, but beauty has taken over (we do not have any pictures that were post worthy, so this picture is a from Yelp review.
The resident Eagle at Glacier Gardens, there is even a video cam showing the nest and babies inside the greenhouse.

14 responses to “Glacier Gardens – Alaska and spoken native language Video”

  1. Nice place, water fall is also very beautiful and heartouching

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    1. Thank you, it was very peaceful and felt sacred there.

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      1. Welcome

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    1. The drivers spoken language of his tribe really touched me, he said it was disappearing because it was not written anywhere, and I wanted to share it with everyone.

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      1. Great.
        Thank you

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  2. Great post!! Loved the language👍

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    1. I’m telling you the pictures don’t do it justice it was just more than the visual it was the feeling of clarity and spirituality that is there

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      1. I bet. Just looking at the pics I can tell. Be one with nature…that’s Alaska.

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  3. We did this tour as well but didn’t like the tour guide we had, he was rather annoying… It was probably our least favorite excursion of the trip but glad you seemed to have enjoyed it!

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  4. One of my best friends in Inupiat.


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