Salmon Hatchery – and Seal eating them all up – Alaska

Sharing a few pictures of our visit to a Salmon Hatchery, they hatch baby chum Salmon and then release them into the wild and after years of living out there, they return to the hatchery and mate and then die. The guide we had said their death is the beginning of new salmon and they fertilize the ground. Plus they are food for so many Alaskan wildlife, including this cute sea lion, eating his fill.

Sea Lion scouting salmon

These are the Salmon returning to spawn.

A million baby salmon in the hatchery – jumping out of the water.

Published by David & Laura Speer

Were a Metro Detroit, Michigan, couple – second marriages for both of us – and we dream of retiring early to Travel the World. Follow us while we try and figure out to raise our kids, and save to retire. David is a Robot Programmer, Laura is a Medical Physicist. We put our kids before ourselves for years, saved and ate at home and now after years of all this sacrifice and raising our kids - we are closing in on empty nesting, and we realized we have the opportunity to retire earlier than most and follow our dreams to travel the world. How are we going to do this? Well we have a lot of ideas, but lets see how it works out. Our original retirement date was January 1, 2021. We are reviewing the option of working another 3 years but prefer to keep the 2021 date, either way we will be retired by 55 years old - still trying to figure out how, but working toward our goal everyday, while enjoying each other and our blended family. Follow us to see what happens. All images on this blog are copyright (c)

10 thoughts on “Salmon Hatchery – and Seal eating them all up – Alaska

    1. Scott, I rarely every get offended, I work in a job, where honestly is very important – so do not think at all it is rude. I was upset about it at first – but the locals seemed so happy that the salmon were there and giving their lives to keep the ground fertile, after mating and making more salmon.

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    1. What they do is make more salmon, they take the roe and the sperm mix it up in a bucket and hatch the babies. Right outside the hatchery is a bunch of fisherman, they are catching as many fish as they can before they die, so there are bears eating the salmon, seals eating the salmon, fisherman, and thousands of salmon mating, it is very interesting. Oh and then the dead carcasses because after mating they die. But I saw no one just taking roe and moving on.

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