Whale Watching in Juneau, Alaska

Were in Juneau Alaska – On the excursion agenda – Whale Watching, with Allen Marine Tours – and guess what we saw …Whales, lots of them. First lets set the stage, they pick us up in a bus from the pier, and it is overcast and raining – a lot of rain. But when I see the boat I am excited, it is covered and at least we can stay inside. I am not a cold weather girl, so am dressed warm and ready for this.

Heading on to our ship for whale watching, lets Go!

Inside the boat it is warm and we are headed out to look for some whales…

Babe did you get that, nope missed it, but here is a great picture from my husband!

Yes, we saw this!
A whale tail. We were told if you see a whale tail, you are blessed with another year or two of life. Well we saw dozens of tails, so glad to live to 90!

There was a guarantee, if you do not see a whale you get back $100, no worries there, we saw lots of whales.

We also had a wonderful buffet dinner on the whale watching boat and it was all Alaska based locally made foods, we loved it!

A Yummy dinner of everything delicious from Alaska.
The Blueberry dessert was my Favorite, but David loved the Reindeer.
Honestly, I am falling in love with Alaska, and this was supposed to be a trip for David and me just tagging along. One day in and I am enjoying this A LOT!

44 responses to “Whale Watching in Juneau, Alaska”

  1. We have Right- Humpback and Bryde whales, sometimes huge schools of dolphins and even Orca at our beach, yet most people don’t see them. A few days ago, I made a delivery at a posh boutique hotel. The manager was on the phone, affording me expansive views of Table Bay. Twice I saw the plume, V-shaped, when a Right whale blew. Several stood watching, only I saw it. It was futile to try get anyone to see it, as it wore no brand name and didn’t resemble a spreadsheet.


  2. What!?! I can hardly believe Dave got that awesome shot of the whale breaching! Kudos to him on the awesome wildlife photo. And kudos to you for trying something outside of your comfort zone and braving the Alaska cold weather!

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    • Maranda, it was soooooo cool. We felt special, even though it happens everyday there. We overheard some one say, if she saw a whale jump and an iceberg break she could due tomorrow of joy. David and I both said, nope we have more to see than just that.

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