Off to an Alaskan Ruby Princess Cruise!

Were off from Seattle to Alaska on the Ruby Princess Cruise ship. This cruise is for David, I am not a cold weather type of person, but on a cruise ship, at least I sleep in comfort every night, so it is a great compromise, luxury and ruggedness.

We heard from all our friends that the Princess cruise ships are the best for Alaska, you get to go to Glacier Bay, which we really want to see a Glacier up close.

Ruby Princess Casino

This is a beautiful and luxury ship, there are many fine details that make this is a higher quality cruise, than the previous cruises we have been on.
This is the spiral staircase down into the main area of the cruise ships with a dance floor and music and a café with stores on each end on both floors. It was really fancy and I felt like royalty.
A bar area off of the lobby.
We enjoyed the explorers club – where we attended many champagne Art shows, but bought nothing.

Walking around the Ruby Princess

We did NOT get a balcony, even thought every one told us to. I will report back if this is a huge mistake. I just do not think I can be unhappy here, it feels like a dream life.

30 responses to “Off to an Alaskan Ruby Princess Cruise!”

  1. I have heard this cruise is amazing and you are going to love it despite the cooler weather. I look forward to seeing more photos of this trip. We used to camp often in Alaska when we lived in the Yukon. Fond memories:)

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