Chihuly Glass Art Garden, Seattle Washington

Chihuly Glass Art Garden, Seattle Washington

I first heard of Chihuly, when visiting Kalamazoo, MI and they had a show of his art at the local Glass art shop. One of the reasons I starting working in Radiology was the cool way you could look thru the film – it was translucent and how every image was different. I have now been working over 30 years in Radiology and film no longer exists, but I still love looking at the images on the monitor. I feel drawn in to Chihuly glass in the same way I do when I was first attracted to Radiology imaging, both have a depth and detail and I am fascinated. These pieces are huge in scale, which makes it fun like a giant animal or sea creature.

Neon Yellow Blown Glass next to the space needle nestled in a black grass garden.

How amazing!

I loved this place, David, he was more interested in checking out the bees in the garden and testing his theories of electric charge and bees on flowers. Oh well, we both had fun!

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    • I know I LOVED it, David said it was ok. He does not love Glass like I do, I just love the complexities of the thicker glass. If I ever win the lottery big, I would buy one of his pieces, which were for sale, but were way way outside of our price range now.

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    • Ok, first he is a bee keeper, so knowing that he studies A lot on bees. His theory is, there is a natural mild electric charge in everything including the flowers, and the bees (and us of course) – bees are attracted to the color, but can sense the charge as well. When a bee touches the flower – he thinks this slightly discharges the charge on the flower, which is why a bee might touch a flower, but not collect pollen, because it senses it was just collected and moves on. He was watching the bees and believes his theory is right, and was collecting more proof.

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