Space Needle – Seattle, Wa

Second on our list while in Seattle, Wa for one day on our way to Alaska is the Space Needle. We honestly do not know much about the space needle, except it is tall and cool and we want to check it out. I did just learn today that the space needle was built in 1961 for the world’s fair. The glass floor is new from a recent renovation – which is good, because it turns out the glass floor is our favorite part.

Walking up to the Space Needle after a quick Lyft ride over.
We bought our tickets – and did not realize thought we would not have enough time to make it over to Chihuly gardens, and turns out the gardens are right next door, so missed out on the shared deal you can buy as we purchased these tickets at the base of the space needle.
TIP: Really look into a joint deal on travel sites, prior to dismissing the option.

Video (from the top) of the elevator we just rode up to the top of the space needle.

Picture from the top and the glass bottom, people love to lay on the floor and snap a picture of the suspended look. It is for sure an uneasy feeling walking over the glass portion for the first time.

David having fun with the glass bottom from the top of the space needle.

You can buy at drink of wine or beer or a soda/water at the top or a light snack meal. We did not, but instead just reviewed the views from the top.

Wait a minute: “This will be to Seattle what the Eiffel tower is to Paris” – then we have back to back seen Both the Seattle and Paris towers… this is us in June. (wait it was late July, time sure does work weird when your on vacation).

26 responses to “Space Needle – Seattle, Wa”

  1. When I lived in Seattle my living room view was the Space Needle, Seattle Center, downtown, and Elliot Bay. Perfection on sunny days and at night. The planners of the 1962 World’s Fair couldn’t get funding to build the Space Needle. It was built and is still owned by private investors. Did the upscale rotating restaurant close when they put in the glass floor? I don’t think I could walk on it. 🙂

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      • Too bad, in a way, though, with the glass floor it would have been hard to combine the two functions. When I lived there, you needed restaurant reservations or needed to go to the bar to go to that level. There wasn’t any general viewing space. Memories. I did enjoy the years I lived in Seattle.

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      • Marie, Seattle was fun, so I can only imagine living there fun….but it also kind of made us feel slightly old with the young hip feeling all around us. The moving floor was weird if you stepped on both side at the same time, it would throw off your balance.

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    • Yeah, each town has is own unique feel, Paris is so huge though with so much art and history. Seattle has a vibe of cool, maybe even too cool for David and I, but surround yourself with cool, become cool??? So being from Seattle, you must have a cool level built in.

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