Late Nite Pokemon MagicKarp snack in Tokyo

Late Night snacking – we come across this pokemon Magic Karp snack made of a warm cake filled with pudding (choices are chocolate or vanilla) we buy one of each and they are incredible. Just perfect for a Tokyo Late night snack.

210 yen or approximately $2.10. A deal for this warm delicious treat.

6 responses to “Late Nite Pokemon MagicKarp snack in Tokyo”

  1. Wau! Delicious food!!
    Enjoyment all the way…


  2. Hopefully your stomach won’t rumble like Gyarados afterwards
    : )

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    1. Nice, like how you did that. We love Pokemon, played it all over Tokyo!

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    1. It was really deliciious! The best part it was was warm and creamy.

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  3. Good call to buy one of each flavor!

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