Japan Wendy’s Fast Snack

The kids wanted a quick Wendy’s Hamburger while in Tokyo, Japan. David and I figured we could eat a Wendy’s Hamburger right around the corner from our house just like the ones here. Nope, there is a difference… Check out this Tokyo Wendy’s.

TIP: 550yen is approximately $5.50 US.
So a single Wendy’s Hamburger, is $5.50, pretty close to the prices we pay at home. The hamburger looks the same, but it tastes slightly different – but check out the rest of the menu, pasta, shrimp, green tea drinks….
There is even a hamburger bun hamburger, and the funniest thing of all, a Jim Beam mixer.
David, had to try one, I took a sip, it was cold and frothy.
Sabrina loves this green melon soda, and her Corgi stuffed animal from the crane game earlier in the week.

8 responses to “Japan Wendy’s Fast Snack”

  1. I tried Mc Donald in Italy, I did not enjoyed it.

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    1. I did not actually try any food at this Wendys, just the kids did, we went out to a local restaurant when we got back home and they served all kinds of meat on a stick. I will post it tomorrow.

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  2. They serve ramen noodles at Wendy’s? They need to do that here.

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    1. We ate so much raman, and alot if times, we weren’t even sure what kind, it just looked good. I have only three more posts this week in Tokyo, then were off to Alaska and well be posting that I hope for two weeks. Then back to normal family stuff.

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      1. Sounds like fun glad you enjoyed your time in Tokyo 😁.

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  3. I’m not from the US so I don’t actually know what a Wendy’s tastes like anyway! But I can imagine there was some interesting stuff on the Japanese menu! x

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    1. It was incredibly interesting, you just need an open mind to eating thing your not sure what they are.

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