Gundam Cafe- Akihabara Japan

Garion more than anything else wanted to buy as many Gundams he could while in Tokyo. He wanted to buy a super large one, but it would not fit in our suitcase – he did purchase five normal sized model kits. So we decided to surprize him with a Gundam Cafe Visit. Gundam’s are a Japanese science fiction media animation series that features giant robots (mecha).  

Tip: Check out web sites before heading over to a special tourist cafe, as sometimes you HAVE to have a reservation, or they open at weird times.

Gundam Cafe website:

I can’t stop smiling!

In his complete Glory of happiness!

So we had a snack and Garion ate, everything – a blue soda drink a Hamburger and fries. He could not be happier, and that makes all of us super happy.

21 responses to “Gundam Cafe- Akihabara Japan”

  1. I bought a Gundam model when I was there as well, and of course I went to Odaiba to see the life-size, 80-foot-tall Gundam in front of Diver City, a mall with an entire floor dedicated to Gundam. (It’s called Gundam Base.)

    I remember Gundamns fondly from childhood and it’ll be fun putting the mode together, as soon as I print out instructions in English.

    And you’re right about the prices. I couldn’t believe how much cheaper they were than in the States.

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    • We did not see the life sized Gundam, but we wanted to – just ran out of time. There is so much to do over there, I could have spent another 3 months just in Tokyo alone, and a year in Japan just seeing the things I wanted to.

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