Tokyo Fortune Swagger

After Katrina gets THE VERY BEST Fortune (in the last post), she has a new swagger – feeling good all day. Check her out!


6 responses to “Tokyo Fortune Swagger”

  1. Love the pic. That’s one you would put up on your wall of travels.

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    1. I agree, shes looking so proud, plus the background is cool

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      1. I like everything about it. When you look back at it, it’ll remind you of how great that whole trip was. 👍♥️💯

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  2. Ha. Perhaps you can purchase happy fortunes in bulk, slip one into her breakfast sandwich if ever she’s feeling blue! Well, she may turn blue if she eats it… good placement would be a must:)

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    1. You are awesome this is such a great idea I’m 100% going to do it

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